Monday, November 18, 2013

Sales Team Motivation Tips

Motivation was one of the many topics discussed at the Nov. 13 Erie Sales Club workshop. The sales pros in attendance shared several interesting ideas and points on this subject.
  • Before implementing a sales contest, you need to understand each individual's competence and motivation. Without that, your techniques will be misguided and likely ineffective.
  • As Daniel Pink details in To Sell Is Human, what people want is mastery, autonomy, and purpose. If you're not providing those, your team will not be fully motivated.
  • Another book that provides strong motivational advice is Ownership Thinking by Brad Hams. This book provides best practice instructions for establishing a 90-day Rapid Improvement Plan to improve a key business activity.  
  • Sales contests that reward the activities which lead to sales are often motivating. For example, develop a contest that gives a point for each phone call or sales contact. The highest score receives an award at the end of the week.
  • Contests can be daily as well. Pin $20 to the corkboard and set a contact or sales goal for the day.
  • Seek accountability partners. Find colleagues you can share your goals with and ask them to keep you on task. Knowing that someone else is counting on you can be very motivating.
The Erie Sales Club is a joint effort of four leading local businesses: Jameson Publishing, Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services, VertMarkets, and Howland Peterson Consulting.