Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grab Your Sales Rifle, Shelve Your Sales Shotgun

We've talked previously about identifying Value Opportunities (VOs) and getting to the decision maker. Let's talk today about how to align your Value Proposition(s) with their VOs.

We see too often that a prospect presents a VO and we rush to throw out our Value Proposition(s). The Value Proposition is often mismatched because we do not fully understand the VO first. This does not build acceptance, it can create skepticism and/or indifference, and you can lose credibility when you're wrong in this guessing game. Also, trying to align value too soon is not consultative. You become just another pushy salesperson trying to pitch them something.

There are two approaches to aligning your Value Propositions:
1. Shotgun Approach: Providing value that you THINK is valuable. Maybe the value is important and addresses a Value Opportunity, or maybe it doesn't. It it unlikely the Value Proposition will address the VO.
2. Rifle Approach: Providing value to the prospect that you KNOW is valuable to them. By fully understanding the VO, you know (vs. you guess) the Value Proposition you offer will address the VO.
Obviously the Rifle Approach is the only acceptable method.

If executed properly using the Rifle Approach, eventually you transition from how you could possibly be helping them to how you will be helping them. This can lead to them closing themselves. All of this is rooted in taking the time to ask the right questions. You cannot simply pull VOs from a list, and every customer will have different VOs.

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