Monday, June 17, 2013

Sales Acronym Of The Week: QACF

No, QACF is not the sound a duck makes when it's trying to quack and eat at the same time. QACF is an acronym that represents the pattern your sales call should follow: Question, Answer, Comment, Feedback.
* Q and A is the process where you ask the contact a probing question and they answer it (information gathering). When you ask questions, they should be clear and succinct. Speak plainly. Avoid cliches such as "hot button" and "pain point," as the contact may feel as though they are being sold.
* C is when you comment in response to their answer. The comment validates your understanding of the answer. You can present a Value Proposition to address one of their needs.
* F is when the contact provides feedback. Did you understand the information provided in their answer?

When gathering feedback, you will uncover the contact's attitude. It will fit into one of four categories (1) Acceptance: "I agree. I like that." (2) Skepticism: "I don't believe you." (3) Indifference: "I don't care." (4) Objection: "I won't."

7 Tips For Effective Use of QACF to Advance an Account
1. Listen to the contact's answers and react to their cues naturally.
2. Don't assume anything.
3. Let them fully answer your questions. Don't interrupt. Use live note-taking to capture pertinent points that you want to come back to later in the conversation.
4. Engage the client. Talk about what's important to them.
5. It helps to have a good understanding of your products/services. While you listen to the contact's answers to your questions, there may be a point in time where your internal alarm should go off to tell you, "Hey! There's a match. We can help them with that."
6. Listen! You should be succinct with your Q and C. The contact should be more verbose with A and F.
7. If you talk too much, the contact may:
- Feel as though you are not trying to understand them
- Not have the time or opportunity to fully answer your questions
- Begin to ignore you
- Think as though you are serving your own agenda, not theirs

I could go on-and-on about the topic of QACF ... but I don't want you to begin to ignore me or think I'm serving my own agenda and not yours.

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