Monday, March 25, 2013

Identifying Decision Makers, Influencers

Although many sales reps have anxiety about getting to the decision maker (DM), reaching the DM is important because:
1. In order to make a sale, you must talk to the person who makes purchasing decisions to show that you can help them.
2. Prompt identification of the ultimate DM and influencers prevents wasting time speaking to someone who either cannot make the ultimate decision or cannot influence the person who does not make the ultimate decision.
3. You can have a textbook conversation with a non-DM and sell nothing. You can make mistakes with a DM and still make the sale.

In today's collaborative business environment, sometimes there are multiple people in the DM loop. If this is the case, you must reach the ultimate DM and all their influencers to understand what's important to them. What do they need to see in order to purchase your product or service?

Here are some tips on doing that:
1. Schedule separate conversations
2. Develop separate action plans
3. ID different Value Opportunities
4. ID if there is an upline influencer and contact them
5. Keep everyone in the DM loop informed when appropriate.

If your discussions are out in the open, recap discussions of accepted value and "cc" the entire DM loop as a follow-up to your conversations. If you cannot reach everyone in the DM loop, then ensure you keep the influencers informed of all the discussions you have with the ultimate DM you do talk with.

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