Thursday, May 12, 2011

Top 7 Lead Gen Methods

We had a great discussion last night at the Erie Sales Club Workshop. The topic was Generating New Leads, and the attendees and panelists crafted a list of the Top 7 Lead Gen Methods that have been most effective for them.

1. Previous happy customers generate the best leads. Make sure your current customers are thrilled with your product and service.
2. Use a variety of communication methods to connect with prospects (e.g. phone, email, personal letter, direct mail, social media, advertising, etc.). There's not a one-size-fits-all communication method for any industry or any individual prospect.
3. Reach out consistently. You don't know when the prospect will be ready to buy. One attendee sent out a letter to prospects 5 months ago and then received a call back last week reading straight from the letter. They weren't ready to buy 5 months ago, but they are now.
4. Be persistent. Ordinary salespeople give up after one phone call. As we said before, some people might not be ready to buy during the period of time you left 9 voice mails for them. But they may be ready to buy after you leave voice mail #10.
5. Tailor your message and include a benefit statement for the prospect. This is especially important if you are going to reach out to a prospect consistently. For example, don't say, "Your name came up on my list again so I wanted to call you." A better message would be something like, "We talked at the open house last week. I might have found a house that fits what you're looking for."
6. Write down your next step. After an initial contact with a potential lead, put in your calendar the next action you want to take with them so you don't forget to follow-up.
7. When someone reaches out to you, call back immediately. If you can't call back that moment, call them back within 48 hours.

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