Monday, March 14, 2011

Always, Always, Always Maintain Emotional Control

You know how excited you get when you're close to making a sale? And you know how ticked off you get when a deal falls through? And you know how frustrated you get when a prospect doesn't call you back even though your last conversation with them went great? No matter what the situation, you always, always, always need to maintain emotional control.

Maintaining emotional control allows you to analyze a situation clearly. If you lose emotional control, you lose your ability to think clearly. Also, human nature dictates that a stable emotional core is necessary to be a respected leader.

Emotional control should not be confused with passion. There's a fine line between the two, and it's easy to cross the line. Passion/Conviction: When you talk, you have a strong belief in the subject. It's OK to show emotion; just don't lose control. This can be very instinctive and constructive because the person you're pitching understands what you believe in. Loss of Emotional Control: When you talk, your loss of emotional control is destructive (via interrupting, yelling, sighing, rolling your eyes, snickering, shaking your head, slumping in your chair, etc.)

How To Maintain Emotional Control
1. Stick to facts and truths, not feelings. Don't take things personally.
2. Don't let a situation fester. Address concerns immediately. This prevents emotional build-ups.
3. Ask yourself, "What am I doing to cause this behavior?" Redirect your anger or frustration from external to internal.
4. Avoid rash decisions. Ask questions to gain a full understanding of the situation.
5. Stop talking, breathe deeply a few times, refocus, and continue on.
6. Remain focused on your Business Outcomes and Emotional Outcomes.

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