Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buying Cues: A Rep's Best Friend

Buying cues are statements or attitudes that indicate the customer may be ready to buy. They can be subtle or overt depending on the person's personality type and level of acceptance. Buying cues indicate that enough overall value has been accepted and your prospect is ready to buy. If you fail to recognize these cues, you may not advance to closing the sale.

How To Recognize Buying Cues
Here are 6 buying cues that should prompt you to close on the sale:
1. General verbal signals such as a friendlier tone of voice and asking questions that your prospect is mentally involved. "How would that work? How much is that?"
2. Repeating a question that has been answered fully already or asking the same question twice in rapid succession. "Rates -- what did you say about rates?"
3. Asking a question that indicates they picture themselves working with you, such as your process. "If I wanted to upgrade in a few months, would I call you or a service person?"
4. Asking for a sample of your services. "Do you offer a trial program? Can I take it for a test drive?"
5. Asking for your professional guidance or opinion. "How should we set that up? Is that the best program?"
6. Asking a question about starting or timing. "When does the sale end? How soon could it be delivered?"

2 Responses To Buying Cues
When you recognize the buying cue, it's up to you to decide how to respond.
1. You could follow the buying cue by trial closing or closing on the sale.
2. You could ignore the buying cue and continue to probe. You might choose this option if a buying cue is presented earlier in your conversation.


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