Thursday, November 18, 2010

DISC Behavioral Styles & Sales

by Jay Fritzke, Employee Insights LLC, Erie PA

DISC is a behavior style analysis that can help you understand how you can communicate to your prospects and how they communicate with you. The concept behind DISC is not new. The idea that people fall into distinct groups of behavior is more than 2000 years old. These behavioral styles are universal and observable. DISC is an acronym which represents:

D - Dominance: How a person responds to problems and challenges
I - Influence: How a person influences others to his or her point of view
S - Steadiness: How a person responds to the pace of the environment
C - Compliance: How a person responds to rules and procedures set by others.

How Do You Recognize A Person's Behavioral Style?
You need to listen and observe a person's tone of voice, words, body language, and pace to help you determine their style. The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not the person is Extroverted (D,I) or Introverted (S,C). The second step is to determine whether they are Task Oriented (D,C) or People Oriented (S,I). Once you have determined these two factors, you can ascertain a person's core style. While almost no one is a single style, determining their core style will improve your chances of communicating effectively.

How Can You Use This In The Sales Process?
Each style has an emotion associated with it. Since selling is an emotional process and not an intellectual one, you need to understand the emotional nature of your prospect. This will help you avoid behaviors that can discourage a prospect from doing business with you. You can assume that the opposite emotion is true for a low behavior style but this is not something you can easily determine.

D: High - quick to anger, short fuse. Low - slow to anger, long fuse.
I: High - high trust of others, optimistic. Low - low trust of others, pessimistic.
S: High - Non emotional. Low - Emotional.
C: High - High fear, get permission. Low - Low fear, expect forgiveness.

The last piece of the sales puzzle you can determine from a person's behavior style is their preference in the type of product they buy. Each style has been shown to have a preference in the type of product or their perception of the product they purchase.

D: New and unique
I: Flashy or showy
S: Traditional
C: Proven with documented results

The Erie Sales Club is a joint effort of three leading local businesses: Jameson Publishing, Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services, and VertMarkets.


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